Recommended Reading List

The Gospel & Acts of the Apostles

Each section will provide three types of works:
1. Introductions – explanations of theology and general meaning as well as descriptions of setting, author, literary style, history, sociology, et cetera
2. Commentaries – detialed explanatory notes about the meaning of the Scripture, usually verse by verse
3. Monographs & Articles – single topic or thematic explorations within a given book
Some notes on the bibliogrpahy:
* Difficulty – Items marked with an  asterisk (*) are recommended places to begin. Items mareks with a caret (^) are more advanced or technical works.
* Availability/Affordability – All the items listed are generally accessible at a reasonable cost. There might be better sources written but if they are out of print or cost prohibitive, they are not listed here (with exceptions).

In this Reading List
1. Hebrews
2. The Catholic Letters (general)
3. James
4. Peter
5. Jude
6. John
7. Revelation

1. Hebrews

2. The Catholic Letters

* Early Christian Lettes for Everyone. James, Peter, John, & Judah by NT Wright (New Testament for Everyone, Westminster John Knox Press: 2011).

* The Catholic Epistles, Hebrews, and Revelation by Daniel J Scholz (Anselm Academic: 2016).


* Brother of Jesus, Friend of God. Studies in the Letter of James by Luke Timothy Johnson (Eerdmans Publishing: 2004).     [introduction]

James, The Man and His Message by James B. Adamson (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1989).     [introduction]

^ James by Richard Bauckham (Routlege: 1999).     [introduction]

* The Letter of James by Luke Timothy Johnson (Anchor Bible Commentary 37A, Doubleday: 1995).     [commentary]

1st & 2nd PETER –

A Home for the Homeless: A Social-Scientific Criticism of 1 Pter, its Situation, and Stratgey by James Elliott (Wipf & Stock: 2005).     [introduction]

1st Peter by James Elliott (Anchor Bible Commentary 37B, Doubleday: 2000).     [commentary]


1st, 2nd, & 3rd JOHN –

* 1, 2 and 3 John by J. Painter (Sacra Pagina 18, Liturgical Press: 2002).

3. Revelation (Apocalypse)

* Revelation. Vision of a Just World by Elizabether Schussler Fiorenza (Proclamation Commentaries, Fortress Press: 2003).     [commentary]

Revelation by Wilfird Harrington (Sacra Pagina 16, Liturgical Press, 1993).     [revelation]

The Book of Revelation. Apocalypse and Empire by Leonard L. Thompson (Oxford Universty Press: 1997).     [monograph]

The Climax of Prophecy. Studies on the Book of Revelation by Richard J. Bauckham (Clark: 1993).     [monograph]

The Lamb’s Supper. The Mass as Heaven on Earth by Scott Hahn (Doubleday: 1999).     [monograph, spanish]